Viva La Cemita


So Here's How You Order:

Choose a:

Sandwich OR
2 soft tacos OR                                                                    
Caesa'rita salad

I Want My ____ Fried:

Chicken  $5.5
Veggie Burger $5.5  
Tofu $5.5

I Want My ____ Grilled:

Chicken $5.5
Pulled Pork $5.5
Veggie Burger $5.5
Freshly Ground Burgers~ $4.5  Single $5.5 Double $6.5 Triple


I Want It Cemita Style:

Queso, Avocado, Pickled Onion,Cilantro, and Chipotle Mayo
I want it Gringo Style, with any, none or all of the following:
Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Pickle, Ketchup, Mayo, Mustard

Then Maybe, I'll Add...

American or Queso $.50  Bacon  $1.00  Avocado $1.00
House-made creamy cheesy sauce $1.00 
Or Some More Meat!
Burger Patty $2
Veg Burger $2
Pulled Pork $3  
Chicken Tenders (grilled or fried) $2

Grilled toppings are gluten free! For a gluten free bun, add $1.50

Hey! Maybe I Don't Want a Sandwich!

Caesa'rita Salad:

Romaine, smashed seasoned avocado, pickled onion, cilantro, cabbage, queso, chipotle ranch or vinaigrette $5 

Cobb Salad:

Avocado, bacon, smoked almonds, crumbled queso, tomato, and marinated artichoke hearts on a bed of crunchy romaine $8

Tots, Fries or Corn Chips

fried in a Gluten Free fryer, toppings are as well

Plain $2.5
Curry $3.5
Creamy Cheesy $3.5


Guac + Chips $5.50
Pinto Beans $3
Creamy Mac N Cheese $3.5

Meat Free:

Mac and Cheese $3.5
Veg Burger $5.5
Tofu Burger $5.5
Bean Taco $3.75/ $6.5


Fountain Soda $2.00
Spindrift Bottled Healthy Soda $3.50
Bottled H20 $2
Coffee/Tea (Hot/Iced) $2/$2.50
San Pellagrino $2.25
Eli's Root or Ginger Beer $3.00
Mexican Coke $ 3.00

Cemita Shack is BYOB

Our juice + your booze = delicious!

Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice ($4)
+ Tequila = Margarita

Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice ($4)
+ Vodka or Gin = Collins

Bottled Grapefruit Seltzer ($3.50)
+ Tequila = Paloma

Bottled Ginger Beer ($3)
+ Rum = Dark 'N' Stormy
+ Vodka = Moscow Mule Bottle

Root Beer ($3)
+ Rum = Rum + Rootbeer

Happy Endings:

Cinnamon Churros $3
Bloom'n Cow Ice Cream
Tiny $2.5   Normal  $3.5  Big $4.5


Little Gringos:

For kids one decade or less

Burger $5
Cheese Burger $5
Chicken Tenders $5
Chicken Tender Taco $5
Cheesy Bean Taco $5
Includes small fries or tots!



(Available everyday from 11 am- 3 pm)
Choose a Cemita or 2 soft Tacos 
get a small side of tots or fries (plain or curry; cheesy fun extra), or chips and salsa
and a fountain drink or ice tea $10.00
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Cemita What?

Cemita What!

This may be a sandwich you've never experienced . That’s ok. Allow us to explain.
Cemita What?
The Cemita is a sandwich, or more accurately, a torta, harkening from Puebla, Mexico. And oddly, is still spottily represented across this great land. Our version goes like this: choice of meat, veggie burger or seafood patty; a slab of pan seared queso blanco (crisp browned outside, cheesy gooey good inside), pickled onions, cilantro, avocado, and chipotle mayo for just pico spiciness, piled on a grilled sesame studded bun. 

A Mexican Big Mmmm-- made better. Because the Cemita Shack will have varieties STREET won’t. It’s fast, delicious food to remind you that sometimes the best thing to eat is what's going to make your taste buds and tummy swoon with joy, thank you effusively, then bug you relentlessly 'til you get them another. The Cemita Shack isn't fast food. It's fast good.
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About Us

STREETcar named CemitaThe Cemita Shack building
The Shack!   Mmmmm  Cemita

We’re the folks who run your other favorite restaurant, STREET, on Islington Street in Portsmouth. If the cemita looks familiar to you, you might have seen it on our menu there. Or maybe you’ve visited our Fresh Local location or food truck?

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